Welcome to Finding Open Source Tools for the Classroom

(Hands-on session)

Are you looking for sites? When you find one how to you know if they are safe sites?

Before you start this learning experience you will need to get a user name and password from Hamjo.

Step 1: Take Survey

Step 2: In the next few moments we will use TeachersFirst Edge


Go to the EDGE and find the answers to these questions (in 5 minutes share your answer on our back channel at Today's Meeting at :
What is the EDGE?
Why should I use it?

Click here to go to the EDGE. Find the answers to the two questions above, and then return to this site.

Step 3: Create an account for TeachersFirst

Click on the benefits of joining TeacherFirst.
After you join click on the EDGE, search for the sites we are using (Wikispaces, and Poll Everywhere). Read each review then chat about the reviews on TodaysMeet. TodaysMeet isn't reviewed on the EDGE, but you can request a site to be reviewed (just click here).

Step 4: Click Here to go to TodaysMeet

Join our TodaysMeet, and write your comment, and reply to others.

Step 5: Let's check out the sites below on the EDGE (Click here).

Wonder Say

Only 2 Clicks

Go to the EDGE and pick a site to review.

Step 6: Take this exit poll. Thank you for coming to this session.

We will stop 10 minutes before the session ends, because I have something special for you.1.....2.....3